The detail on each part of this strategy is work in progress, presented to indicate our direction of travel and not as a finished product.

We want your input and feedback to help improve it, both for the next iteration as detailed on our roadmap, and on-going. It will change, and we will listen to the membership and what they want and need.

Send us your feedback, and be part of this step change in British Rowing.

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What? Become the place to go for rowing content

We aim to be the central place for rowing-focused content by providing a platform for anyone with an interest in rowing to produce and push out content, in addition to keeping people informed of developments and results and - importantly - celebrating our sport. We want to bring British Rowing closer to the wider rowing community to ensure that everyone has a positive impression of what we do and that ultimately people see us as an organisation that makes life easier for rowing.

How? By using a relatable tone of voice, making things easy to find, and having a best practice UX.

Where we produce our own content (for example, to promote the tools, guidance, courses and technical advice we have for the rowing community), we will take a relatable tone of voice, make things easy to find and focus on always improving our user experience.

Through better understanding our members and what they want, we will deliver relevant content and communications based on their preferences. From an intuitive website set to deliver news and content people want to see to direct communication through members channel of choice - email, facebook or snapchat, we want to create not only information, support and great content when and where it is wanted, but also a two-way conversation where we can grow and improve the sport together.

But we recognise that we are not here to do it all, and user-driven content that draws on the broadest possible rowing community significantly enriches the offering. As such, we will work in partnership with journalists, websites, freelancers, and amateurs to get relevant and interesting pieces about technique, coaching, racing, experiences, nutrition and well-being out to our audience.

We want to hear from (and will seek out to integrate) anyone who has a rowing product to sell, a rowing idea to promote, or a rowing story to tell. We will facilitate its distribution to our audience free or via subscription, depending on the nature of the offer. Members will be able to opt in or out of subject areas as suits them, staying in complete control of what they see, in a manner detailed under our Tech strategy and mentioned in our Membership strategy.  We also push out our own content and information via social media, email, and push notifications.

As we develop content such as 'Our club story', Training Tips and advice for Masters, Junior rowing news and mail you your latest competition results please do tell us what you think or what else could make your experience even better.

Why? To engage as many people in rowing as possible

Rowing brings like minded communities of people together. The more people that know about it and get to experience it, the more likely they are to get involved and stay in the sport for a long time. Facilitating conversation, sharing great ideas and inviting new people in to share the sport we love can transform the way we work together and grow together. By becoming the place to go for rowing content and information - a central portal for all things rowing - British Rowing can talk to and engage with the widest possible audience. Moving British Rowing away from being seen as an organisation with a culture of control and command to one of giving rowers autonomy through facilitation, and thereby creating engagement, we will change the way that people think of the organisation - from a 'what does British Rowing actually do to enhance my experience' to 'without British Rowing, the sport would not be what it is'. This makes it far more likely that people will remain engaged with us for years after they no longer need a race licence and insurance, and while they remain engaged, they contribute to the goal of growing the sport.

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What do you think?

If you have any thoughts on any part of what we are trying to do, think we are missing a trick, or see an area where you can help us, please get in touch and let us know.  

This is your sport: we're here as its Trustees to facilitate it on your behalf, and to help it to thrive and grow.

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