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The detail on each part of this strategy is work in progress, presented to indicate our direction of travel and not as a finished product.

We want your input and feedback to help improve it, both for the next iteration as detailed on our roadmap, and on-going. It will change, and we will listen to the membership and what they want and need.

Send us your feedback, and be part of this step change in British Rowing.

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What? Add value to indoor rowers across the world

People's experience on a rowing machine has to be better because we exist. While we work to increase the number of people who enjoy indoor as a dynamic, innovative rowing discipline (whether they do it for on-water training purposes, for fun, fitness or competition), our aim is enhance every session - whether by creating a fantastic experience, helping people achieve their goals, or making them feel part of the community.

How? By providing training, experiences, content and communities that enhance people's enjoyment on a machine

We deliver indoor rowing training content, challenges and competitions for our members. We also provide tailored support packages for clubs, schools, colleges, universities, and gyms, including education training workshops, participation campaigns, challenges, and events. We help everybody from complete beginners to intermediate and advanced indoor rowers, as well providing a pathway to on water rowing for those that aspire to do so.

Recognising that there are already 170,000 rowing machines in private ownership in the UK there has been a 27% increase in people participating in indoor rowing at home since the pandemic, we aim to enhance the participant experience, as well as that of our schools and clubs, by providing live streamed and on-demand workouts (through Facebook, YouTube and Zoom), as well other training content and targeted support through a variety of channels, tailored to different audiences. We also partner with other organisations that provide alternative indoor rowing offers, and benefit from specialist input from our GB Rowing Team alumni, current squad members, performance coaches, experienced indoor rowers, fitness influencers and sports exercise specialists.

In addition it is estimated that 1.3m people access rowing machines in gyms every year, all of whom could be part of the rowing community in Britain. We will explore partnerships with the likes of Strava and Zwift to bring in opportunities to connect communities virtually through rowing data, the creation of  ‘pick up’ virtual competition organised online and opportunities with commercial partners to reward them for participation.

Why? Because that way, we can engage so many more people in the sport

Indoor rowing is accessible and inclusive, but rowing technique and the best ways to get the most out of an indoor rowing machine experience is not intuitive for everyone. Helping people to be able to indoor row and enjoy the sport brings them immediate benefits. It also keeps people engaged in the sport and connected to British Rowing for longer term. As such, indoor rowing represents our biggest opportunity for growth. It is a key discipline of the sport.

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If you have any thoughts on any part of what we are trying to do, think we are missing a trick, or see an area where you can help us, please get in touch and let us know.  

This is your sport: we're here as its Trustees to facilitate it on your behalf, and to help it to thrive and grow.

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